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About Equine Massage Therapy

Freedom Equine Movement Nicole

A Little About Me

My name is Nicole Vuille, I have always had horses in my life one way or another. Starting like many horse mad girls with pony club, which led me to winning a youth development program and becoming a sponsored rider. I then found myself in a traineeship leading to an apprenticeship as a jockey. I have been training, breaking in and re educating horses for over 10 years all over QLD, NSW AND VIC and have now made my home in the beautiful South Burnett region. 

Equine health and well-being has always been a huge passion of mine and I have channeled that into massage therapy. 

What is Equine Myofunctional Therapy?

Equine myofunctional therapy is a whole horse massage therapy. A term composed of the latin word 'myo' meaning muscle; and 'functional' pertaining to the physiology and therefore action of the muscle, Equine Myofunctional Therapy (EMT) is the study of all elements relating to the physiological effects, and the application of massage specific to the equine body.

Equine Freedom Movement offer remedial, pre and post competition massage as well as equissage treatments. 

Does My Horse Need a Massage?

Is your horse coming back into work?

Not performing the way you had hoped?

Coat lost its shine, or muscle definition not developing despite your efforts?

Is your horse working better on one side?

Is your horse displaying some behavioural issues?

is your horse an aged horse living their days out in the paddock? Or an elite athlete or your trail riding superstar?

Is your horse girthy or have you noticed he/she seems grumpy lately for no known reason?

All these signs and more could mean your horse could benefit from massage!

Massage has countless benefits, from relaxation, improving muscle tone, promoting self-healing, circulation as well as improving movement and flexability, recovery time and aids in providing a healthier happier horse. 

Equine Massage Therapy in Toowoomba Equine Massage Therapy in Nanango Equine Massage Therapy in Kingaroy


Equine Remedial Massage

Your horse will receive a comprehensive consultation, followed by your choice of either a 45 minutes or 1 hour massage.  

A remedial massage is a soothing, relaxing experience for your horse, techniques are performed slow and purposeful, identifying any muscular issues and treating them. 

Pre and Post Competition Massage

*Not available for first time clients*

This package deal involves a soft tissue diagnosis. A  pre competition massage helps warm and stimulate muscles and awake the senses prior to competition, it is applied 10-15 minutes prior to saddling.  Complimented with a post competition massage to help calm and soothe muscles. May also indicate any muslce injuries that may have occured in competition and aid in a faster recovery. 

Equissage Therapy

Vibration therapy technology stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system drainage improving muscle stimulation, increasing dynamic joint mobility, reducing musculoskeletal dysfunction and hypersensitivity, treating acute muscle spasms, tension and trauma

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